Banking & Finance

Copious amounts of data. Rigorous regulations. Intense competition.

These are just a few of the many factors which make the banking, financial services, and insurance industries so challenging. Keeping up with market changes -- while keeping ahead of the intense competition -- is a constant challenge in today’s hyper-competitive financial sector.

When success depends on your ability to understand real-time data, derive tangible insights, and leverage them into more informed decision-making and optimised results. Akira’s business intelligence (BI) solutions offer a premier partnership to help your organisation not only gain a foothold in this fast-paced environment, but to stay in front of the curve.

Extract actionable insights while maintaining absolute data security

A secure transaction environment ensures compliance while safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of your data. From establishing and monitoring appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to identifying and supporting profitable customers, Akira can help you improve operations from the ground up.

Monitor the financial health of your organisation

Create and share reports to ensure compliance with government and industry regulations for enhanced financial and operational performance management.

Maximize profitability

Identify your most profitable customers and analyse buying behaviours and preferences for improved customer profitability management. Harness the power of reliable data to evaluate risk trends and forecast and manage profitability.

Insights into your critical business dimensions

Derive insights from historical analysis of business critical dimensions based on multiple transactions thereby maximizing the potential of multi-dimensional databases AKA hypercube or “the cube.”

Keep your customers happy

Improve customer service through data-informed actionable insights in order to better understand your customers and relationships.

The intricate challenges in the financial industry demand nothing short of cutting-edge solutions. It’s no longer enough to simply accept the status quo when it comes to positioning your financial organisation for future success.

Akira’s advanced BI and analytics solutions can help you efficiently and effectively minimise risk and maximise returns. If you’re looking to predict and forecast results based on trends and business patterns while understanding and improving portfolio performance, use Akira's advanced BI to harness the full power of your data and enjoy unrivalled results.

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