Retail & E-Commerce

The retail industry is fast-paced and exciting. Not to mention, incredibly diverse and volatile. Is your organisation prepared to overcome the current obstacles, along with the ever-evolving ones ahead?

Advancements in everything from e-commerce, omnichannel delivery and personalization to pop-up stores and mobile payments all add up to new challenges for retailers looking to gain the inside edge on their competition, meet consumer expectations, improve revenue and ultimately maximize ROI

Build a informed Sales & Marketing Strategy and extract maximum ROI

Improve sales and profitability analysis through targeted strategies, for marketing promotions and planning for seasonal and other selling cycles -- thanks to more informed decision-making based on KPI’s for Retail performance.

Analyse performance across stores and locations, as well as efficiency of sales management in order to more coherently control operations

Stock & Inventory Management

Optimise stock and inventory, meet demand, and avoid overstocks and shortages by gathering and analysing data to determine appropriate stock and inventory levels.

Holistic view of rich, insightful data

Enjoy a unified view of enterprise data integrated from multiple sources in order to improve analysis and reporting for presentation, collaboration and problem solving.

Overview of your business in beautiful reports

Monitor the financial and operational health of your organisation by creating and sharing reports to comply with government and industry regulations.

Understand your markets better

Achieve targets and increase revenue by harnessing the power of enterprise-wide market research to develop a clear, concise picture of where and how to market and sell products.

Customers are your key assets, understand them and keep them happy

Establish and sustain positive customer relationships and anticipate customer needs by evaluating profitability by customer segment, demographic, region, seasonality and other factors.

Optimize your business with data driven logistics

Enhance product delivery efficiency (and thereby, end-user satisfaction) by understanding and moderating logistical factors, such as delivery time, delays, wastage and cost optimisation depending on your unique retail and/or e-commerce requirements.

Derive Actionable Insights

If you are ready to leverage the power of your data in order to derive actionable insights across the full spectrum of retail operations, Akira’s BI solutions offer an inside track not only to sustaining profit margins in the complex retail environment by effectively using the power of your data, but to meet and exceed new challenges as they arise.

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