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Founded to fill the rising need for data management in both local and global markets, Akira offers signature, customisable services designed to help you put your data to work in the most meaningful way. The result? High value, low risk solutions aimed at positioning your organisation for peak business success.

As an independent provider, we offer expertise in a range of technologies in the BI & Analytics domain, including Microsoft BI Suite, R, SAP BO, QlikView, Tableau, Pyramid Analytics, and many others. At Akira, we can help you identify, develop, and implement customised, robust, and powerful BI & Analytics solutions. Our relationship does not end there, we offer ongoing services to help keep you on track, including user education and training, data services and system support.

However, BI & Analytics consulting is just a part of Akira’s offerings. Whether you’re looking for enterprise web development or mobility solutions , we're ready to jump in.

Our Core Values

Client Satisfaction


How do we do what we do? It’s simple: the Akira development model. Refined through years of experience working on multi-disciplinary projects, this innovative, proven business model identifies and implements best business practices in order to ensure high quality and maximum performance for every project we take on.

Transparency remains at the forefront of every Akira interaction, throughout every phase of development, including planning; implementation, testing and documenting; and deployment and maintenance.

Outsourcing is another integral part of our development model. We take a 360 degree approach to helping you leverage emerging technologies to drive aggressive growth. This also allows you to concentrate your efforts on core business operations while reaping the rewards of an exceptionally skilled work-force.

Ultimately, the Akira development model is not just about how technology can be applied to business, but also about the most effective, productive and seamless way to meld the two.

If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it.

Elon Musk

The Akira Advantage

  • BI & Analytics solutions across multiple industries and functions including CPG, Retail, Financial Services, eCommerce, and Healthcare

  • The aggregation of scattered data across business lines, business functions, and geographies into one “big picture” viewpoint

  • Global Fortune 500 company experience, across business functions including Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Corporate Banking, etc

  • A client-led, collaborative approach to understanding and analysing the specific requirements of your organisation

  • Technical expertise partnered with an in-depth, specialised understanding of your business

  • Maximized ROI, thanks to strategic outsourcing and offshoring processes

  • Access to “best-of-breed”, new, and emerging technologies


Leverage our experience to back your most challenging project yet

Helmed by founder Directors, Lokesh Thati and Kannan Aravind S, Team Akira offers a unique combination of experience and enthusiasm. A hand-picked team of industry innovators join Lokesh and Kannan in making Akira one-of-a-kind in the BI & Analytics environment.

team member

Lokesh Thati

Co-Founder & CEO   

Lokesh brings with him expertise & forte in Business Intelligence, Analytics and Global Sourcing. His vast hands-on experience working with CPG, Finance and Healthcare Industries gives Akira an unparalled competitive edge. His current responsibilities include expansion strategy of business in global growth markets.

team member

Kannan Aravind S

Co-Founder & President   

With his experience in Business Intelligence and Resource and Technology Development, Kannan has been involved in a number of R&D interventions and has extensive experience in CPG and Retail industries. He is a technology enthusiast who is always on the lookout for the cutting-edge.

team member

Mohan Katragadda

Vice President - North America   

Mohan has proven experience in the areas of EMR Implementation, Interoperability, Healthcare Analytics, Business Intelligence and Tele Health. He has played key leadership roles in Healthcare, Technology and Non-Profit arenas. He has worked for multiple clients with special expertise in Healthcare Industry.

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