Advanced Analytics

Your organisation faces more challenges than ever before, including competitive markets, ever-evolving customer expectations, and the need to constantly reinvent yourself while remaining true to your business and brand.

When the margin of error is small and success hangs in the balance, what stands between your business and your goals? Planning. Let Akira help you transform challenges into opportunities with our avant-garde services in Advanced Analytics.

Akira's comprehensive range of sophisticated modeling techniques is designed to help you predict events and discover patterns in order to optimise the business planning process, but that's not all. Our industry expertise ensures that each service will be applied in the most potent way.

Identify Opportunities

Looking to identify high value opportunities and develop effective implementation architecture for analytics? Our best-of-breed assessment process uses your big data and analytics to derive actionable insights about where your efforts will be most rewarded.

Deploy Advanced Analytics

When challenges are inevitable, decision modeling can help you efficiently and effectively achieve resolution.

Understand Your Needs

Understanding your business needs may be harder than you think -- particularly in today's dynamic markets. Akira's suite of custom services includes Predictive Analysis, Forecasting Analysis, Campaign Analysis, Customer Segmentation/Profiling, Churn Analysis, and more depending on your organisational needs.

Gain a 'Big Picture' View

Presenting information is one thing. Using this information to make predictions and recommendations is something else entirely. An agile, iterative, and logical dashboard design supports decision management.

How can we help?

  • Identify demand, costs, and customer trends
  • Be prepared with your stock, inventory and resources; thanks to forecasting analytics
  • Understand consumer behaviour and improve marketing and selling patterns through customer segmentation and profiling

This is only the tip of the iceberg of the number of possible insights that can be derived from advanced analytics.

'Big Data' isn't just a buzzword. It's the new reality. With success in today’s business world requiring more than it did 50, 25 or even five years ago, we offer the partnership you need - not just to thrive in today’s marketplace, but to forge the future of your organisation.

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