Expanding product portfolios.Multifaceted supply chains.Ever-changing regulatory and reporting requirements.

These are just a few of the challenges faced by businesses in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. Organisations looking to meet these challenges head on require innovative planning, management, and measurement inputs in order to improve performance across strategic, financial and operational outcomes.

We offer a full range of BI solutions designed to improve and enhance results across the complete business continuum, including shipping and distribution channels; financial and operational performance management; sales and marketing; and customer profitability management.

Shipping & Distribution network analysis

Improve customer satisfaction, inventory, sales and other factors by monitoring and analysing the efficiency of your shipping and distribution network.

Generate reports for government regulation compliance

Safeguard the financial health of your organisation by creating and sharing reports which reinforce compliance with government and industry regulations.

Maximize ROI from your Marketing campaign

Boost sales success, driven by new insights into strengths and weaknesses of marketing campaigns, market research, sales results and targets, individual sales performance, regional and product sales performance and more.

Understand your customers and exceed their expectations

Identify, analyse, and understand your customers’ buying behaviours and preferences to deliver optimal experiences that don't just meet expectations but exceed them.

Stay ahead of your competitors and improve your market share

Harness the power of data to evaluate your competition, understand the market, analyse risk trends, and forecast profitability.

Bringing you best-in-class BI expertise

In today’s complex, dynamic FMCG/CPG environment, unprecedented access to raw data is worthless without the means to leverage this information into business insights that yield results. Akira’s sophisticated BI solutions help organisations like yours determine market trends, identify rising challenges, accelerate and improve the decision making process, optimise your internal workflow, increase accuracy, drive revenue and ultimately gain a cutting-edge competitive advantage. Looking to do more than just survive, but to rise above the status quo and start setting the pace? Our BI is the key to consistently delivering quality and value across the chain. Your customers will thank you.

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