Growing subscribers, increasing penetration and services, fickle customers and low margins

These define the current telecom industry, a dynamic center for growth, innovation and disruption in today’s world. As the number of subscribers and devices connected to internet grows, telecom companies have a wealth of opportunities and new revenue models to utilise and improve their business. Our services and solutions around it are designed to build business focused and user driven development of feature/functionalities.

Monitor and optimize your revenue

Track sales revenues and billings across services and subscribers using our custom solution that can pull in data from various systems across enterprise. Monitor your collections against billings and optimize your financials.

Provide high quality service levels to your subscribers

Manage your effective service levels across services. Enable your business to deep-dive into service disruptions and call drops across subscribers with real-time network analysis solutions.

Predict and manage your churn rate

With ever increasing cost to acquire new customers, it becomes important for telecom industry to predict and manage their churn rate. With timely interventions based on churn predictions, the churn can be mitigated and managed effectively.

New Product and service offering analysis

Data-driven decisions can effectively monetize consumers. This holds true for device manufacturers and telecom program managers. Define your most impactful feature sets, service bundles and handset line-up by using analytics to track product usage, behaviours and feedback.

Meeting millennial expectations

The Millennial consumer has higher expectations for video, services, apps, games, payments, and security. Updated marketing and sales strategies are forcing established telecom companies to modernize their business models. Keep up with the changes by letting advanced data analytics guide decisions.

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