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Retail & E-Commerce

Innovative retail and eCommerce enterprises demand radical solutions. 21st century success in the omnichannel marketplace not only necessitates the need to collect information from a comprehensive spectrum of sources, but also to optimize this data in order to manage operational costs, while accelerating technology adoption to propel your business into the future.

When consumer expectations are high, we can help you stay ahead of the competitive curve with our sales and profitability analysis; store operations analysis; stock and inventory optimization; enterprise data integration; financial and operational performance management; market research; and customer research solutions.

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Sluggish market, demanding consumers, unprecedented opportunities, and an increasingly dynamic environment leads to particularly complex challenges for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies.

Our business intelligence solutions, including shipping and distribution channels; financial and operational performance management; sales, marketing and management; , give you the tools to deliver quality and value each and every time despite expanding product portfolios, multifaceted supply chains, and rigorous regulations and reporting requirements.

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Banking & Financial Services

Changes in consumer behaviour, competition, and the market constantly challenge banking, financial services, and insurance organisations. Factor in ongoing regulatory changes and the vast amounts of data generated in these sectors, and the need for a secure, up-to-date and integrated "big picture" viewpoint is essential to the success of your enterprise.

From retail banking and corporate banking to product portfolio management and credit risk analysis, our solutions can help you make sense of your raw data in order to improve performance and transform trends and business patterns into more accurate forecasting.

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Perhaps not many entities have as much to gain -- or lose -- as today’s healthcare organisations. Are you prepared to face whatever’s coming next?

Our advanced business intelligence solutions, including financial analysis; quality performance and safety analysis; and financial and operational performance management are targeted at improving performance across four vital verticals: clinical performance for today’s most innovative acute healthcare and wellness programs; financial performance, including service-line analysis; asset management and customer satisfaction adding up to overall operation performance; and the critical issue of compliance. Leverage these unparalleled insights in order to identify issues and take swift, targeted corrective action in order to stay the course and reach your strategic goals.

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Telecom has transformed and transformed the world around us. From the landline-only era, telecom now offer everything the connected customer needs, from mobile services and phones, to cable and content.

These increased offerings have translated into increased expectations: 100% uptime, zero wait time, flawless video, superior service, and account management apps are now standard. Fortunately, data analytics can help telecoms connect with, and keep, their customers.

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