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Business Intelligence

In an era when your results are only as strong as your ability to make meaningful sense of your data, settling for less than the best when it comes to understanding your data can have less than optimal results.

We can help you maximise planning and minimise risk across the full range of business decision making - from the operational to the strategic - by transforming your raw data into actionable insights. The result?

Everything from real-time monitoring of KPI’s to complex data analysis, Business Intelligence (BI) offers transformative potential.

However, the most effective BI solutions are anything but "one size fits all". Akira delivers a breadth and depth of customizable services to help you reach your goals.

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Advanced Analytics

You have goals, but what barriers stand along the way? Today’s complex business environments are fraught with obstacles.

At Akira, we see them as opportunities. Our tailor-made services in Advanced Analytics deliver the unprecedented ability to understand your customers, deliver on their expectations, and reap the rewards.

In addition to our advanced modeling software that’s designed to help you understand your data, you also gain access to our expertise in identifying and implementing bespoke solutions.

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Enterprise Mobility

It’s a mobile world. Has your organisation claimed its stake? Akira’s mobile application and web application development services not only grant you a foothold in this intensely competitive landscape, but can also help you gain critical traction to launch your organisation past the field of competitors.

Our user-centric mobile experiences keep you at the helm and your needs at the forefront of the comprehensive mobile application and web application development process.

Combined, Akira’s premier portfolio of services is designed to help you improve discovery and decision-making across your organisational priorities, goals, and strategies. The information you need is out there. Akira can partner with you not just to uncover it, but to put it to work in the most meaningful way.

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