Regulatory changes, evolving technology, sophisticated information systems, a shift in patient demographics, and a skilled labour shortage

These will continue to impact all healthcare organisations - from small physician group practices to super-speciality hospital chains. As these factors become increasingly complex, so will the demands upon today’s healthcare and health-related businesses. With survival dependent on your organisation’s ability to learn and adapt in order to quickly and accurately improve quality of clinical care, streamline operations, and optimise financial outcomes, Akira’s BI solutions offer the tools you need. Akira’s business intelligence (BI) solutions can mean the difference between crippling inertia and the momentum to see you through.

Optimize your operational financials

Use advanced analysing capabilities in order to gain a full picture of financial operational data, integrated from multiple enterprise systems and sources into one single, unified, user-friendly and adaptable dashboard.

Ensure flawless quality and compliance in your hospital procedures

Facilitate compliance, privacy and safety information for healthcare procedures, tests and pharmaceutical administration throughout every step of the process for ensured quality performance and safety.

Maximize ROI on your marketing campaigns

Optimise your marketing efforts by comparing and contrasting the most cost-effective marketing techniques, monitoring campaign costs, calculating ROI for campaigns, and evaluating performance against pre-specified goals.

Improve profitability with actionable insights

Manage profitability by evaluating risk trends and forecasting results based on reliable, dependable data.

Thorough reports to fulfil government regulations

Monitor the financial health of your organisation and share reports ensuring compliance with government and industry regulations for comprehensive financial and operational performance management.

Get the Leading Edge

At a time when budgets are tight, resources are limited, compliance is paramount, and patient expectations are greater than ever before, the ability to derive actionable insights from your data is priceless. Akira’s complete business intelligence solutions not only offer new insights into performance, but also deliver the unprecedented ability to predict results and take targeted corrective measures to successfully navigate the uncertain territory ahead.

While the challenges facing today's healthcare organizations are manifold, BI from Akira offers a sophisticated framework aimed at not only helping you understand your data, but also to leverage it into more meaningful decision-making and actionable results. The bottom line? A sought after leading edge in today’s competitive healthcare environment.

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